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2022 Tekken WT adds the North African region

The North Africa region is set to be represented at this year’s Tekken World Tour, this was revealed by the official Bandai Namco Esports Twitter handle.

“The [2022 Tekken World Tour] is going all around the world this year including 16 specific regions.” the tweet read “We’re very happy to announce adding North Africa and Pakistan to this list!”

Bandai Namco Esports revealed that the Tour will kick off on June 24 and is going to not only include the return of offline events but also see the inclusion of more regions in the competition. “We’ve also included more Regions and the Top Players from each Region facing off at Global Finals!”

The announcement also revealed the Tour’s structure stating that “the tour structure for 2022 consists of Master & Dojo Events leading into Regional Finals and a Global Finals in Early 2023!”

Master Events for the Tour will include large-scale offline events at CEO, VSFighting, REV Major, and The MIXUP while the Master Prime Event will take place at non-other than Evolution Championship Series (EVO).

Dojo events for the Tour will be the same format as previous years. However, this year’s event will include a new category ‘Dojo Prime’ which will be selected tournaments with a large influence on their communities.

Gamers in the North African region looking to test their metal against the best Tekken gamers from around the world can register for the competition right now by clicking here. For more details on the upcoming tour, you can visit the Tekken World Tour official website.

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