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Babyfox Clinches Silver at Gamr X to Better Brother’s Achievement


Ghanaian Mortal Kombat gamer Luqman “Babyfox” Suuyini Abubakar made waves in the gaming world when he claimed the silver medal at the end of the continental gaming showcase Gamr X, which was held in Lagos, Nigeria. The talented player showcased his skills, ultimately losing out to defending champion Hamza “HꓥMZꓥ” Niang in a thrilling final match.

Babyfox’s impressive achievement not only signifies his personal triumph but also surpasses his brother Mahadi “Assasin” Abubakar’s third-place finish in the event’s inaugural edition. A feat that was predicted by the Ghanaian star’s Grand Final opponent in the nation’s Gamr X Qualifiers, Mr. APK Gaming, who stated following his defeat in the Grand Finals of the Ghana Gamr X Qualifiers his belief that Babyfox would shine at the event.

“Babyfox is a strong player; we play quite a lot together, and sometimes that is what it is in tournaments, so congratulations to him on winning the tournament, and with how he played, I believe when he goes ahead to represent Ghana at Lagos, there is a high chance he could win the tournament as well.”

Ahead of the competition, Babyfox revealed his approach, emphasising the importance of not putting excessive pressure on himself. He stated that by maintaining a balanced mindset, he aims to stay focused and perform to the best of his abilities. “I try not to put too much pressure on myself, so even if I do bad, I won’t feel horrible,” and his strategy seems to have worked as he returns back to Ghana with a silver medal around his neck.

Luqman “Babyfox” Suuyini Abubakar’s silver medal victory at Gamr X has proven that he is one of the continent’s best MK gamers. His remarkable performance at the qualifiers and in the Grand Final match against HꓥMZꓥ has undoubtedly positioned him as a force to be reckoned with. Following his impressive performance, the gaming world eagerly awaits the clash between Babyfox and other gaming giants, anticipating an extraordinary display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Will Babyfox live up to his potential and bring glory to Ghana? Only time will tell.

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