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BigUps Triumphs Over Paada in GGC E-Soccer Champions League Final

Ghanaian esports organisation GiiKs Game City (GGC) expressed its gratitude to the gaming community for their overwhelming participation and support at the GGC E-Soccer Champions League event held yesterday, June 10, at the Madagastar Esports Arena inside the West Hills Mall in Weija, Ghana. The event, which saw 16 of the West African nation’s best FIFA 23 gamers battle it out for bragging rights and a GH₵500 first place prize, led to an electrifying Grand Final clash between PlayProvince’s Henry “BigUps” Gyebi and Prime Lords’ Gideon “Paada” Anakani that had spectators on the edge of their seats, showcasing the immense growth and popularity of esports in Ghana.

In a statement released by GGC, they extended their appreciation to everyone who attended the event, acknowledging the creation of unforgettable moments and their contributions towards advancing the esports scene in the country. Despite a few attendees arriving late, GGC emphasised the importance of improving time management for future events while expressing gratitude for their presence.

The E-Soccer Champions League brought together players and enthusiasts from various regions, highlighting the unity and passion that gaming fosters. GGC specifically thanked Otaburi from Akosombo and Akwasionline from Sunyani, who travelled from different regions to be part of the momentous occasion. Their dedication and commitment were recognised by the gaming community in Accra, demonstrating a love and appreciation for gaming that transcends geographical boundaries.

Otaburi from Akosombo completely shined at the event

The Grand Final of the E-Soccer Champions League witnessed a clash of titans as PlayProvince’s BigUps faced off against Prime Lords’ Paada. Both gamers showcased their exceptional skills and strategies. The thrilling encounter captivated the audience from the first whistle to the final moments of the game.

BigUps displayed his prowess on the virtual pitch, demonstrating remarkable skill, precision, and tactical play. Prime Lords’ Paada, on the other hand, exhibited resilience and skill, pushing his opponent to his very limits. The competition was fierce, and every move was met with cheers and applause from the enthusiastic crowd.

In the end, it was PlayProvince’s BigUps who emerged victorious, securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Prime Lords’ Paada. The game showcased the high level of talent and dedication present within the Ghanaian esports community. Both teams received accolades for their outstanding performances, illustrating the immense growth of competitive gaming in the country.

The GGC E-Soccer Champions League marked a significant milestone in the journey of esports in Ghana. The event not only showcased the passion and skill of Ghanaian gamers but also highlighted the potential for further growth and recognition of esports on a national scale. As the esports community continues to flourish, it is evident that gaming has become an integral part of Ghana’s cultural fabric.

GGC extended their gratitude to Bankx, Igor Boumekpo, the gamers, and the entire GGC crew for their tireless efforts in organising the event. They also recognised the valuable contribution of their media partners, MX24, DET, and Esports Africa News (EAN), for their extensive coverage and support in promoting esports in Ghana.

Furthermore, GGC expressed their appreciation to the event’s sponsors, including Madagastar Esports Arena, Fix Track Gh, and Prime Auto Mobile. Their generous support enabled the successful execution of the tournament and further emphasised the importance of partnerships in the development of esports.

GGC expressed their gratitude once again to the attendees, participants, sponsors, and partners for their unwavering support. With each event, Ghana’s esports scene moves closer to establishing itself as a prominent player on the global stage, providing a platform for local talent to shine and inspiring the next generation of gamers.

In the words of GGC, “We appreciate your time spent with us at the GGC E-Soccer Champions League Final event, creating memorable moments and contributing to the growth of esports in Ghana.” The future of esports in Ghana looks promising, and GGC hopes that the gaming community will continue to answer their calls and be part of the incredible journey that lies ahead.

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