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Canvic Records Esports Unveils Sonwabile Esports


Canvic Records Esports, a leading Ghanaian esports organisation, is set to make waves in the gaming world yet again with the launch of their second team, “Sonwabile Esports.” With a promise to create an inclusive and competitive gaming environment, the team is opening its doors to gamers of all genders, offering a golden opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. However, with only ten coveted slots available, aspiring gamers need to act swiftly to secure their spot in this exhilarating venture.

Sonwabile Esports emerges as a bold and ambitious addition to the thriving esports community in Ghana. Canvic Records Esports, renowned for its commitment to excellence and nurturing talent, is channelling its experience and expertise into the creation of this new team. Inspired by the Xhosa name “Sonwabile,” which translates to “we are happy,” the team aims to spread joy through competitive gaming and be a force to be reckoned with in national and international esports tournaments.

Unlike traditional esports teams, Sonwabile Esports embraces diversity and inclusivity, welcoming gamers of all genders to join their ranks. Breaking free from the stereotypes that often dominate the gaming realm, this new team seeks to provide a safe and supportive space for all gamers to showcase their skills, regardless of their background or identity.

For those eager to be part of Sonwabile Esports’ journey, securing one of the ten available slots is crucial. Aspiring gamers can express their interest by reaching out to the team directly via their official Twitter account, @TeamSonwabile. Gamers can also gather more information by contacting Canvic Records Esports through email at or via WhatsApp at +49-174-5355609. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a dynamic and supportive gaming community!

With the launch of Sonwabile Esports, Canvic Records Esports takes a remarkable step towards reshaping the esports landscape in Ghana and beyond. By fostering inclusivity, encouraging diversity, and providing equal opportunities for gamers, the team sets an inspiring example for the gaming industry. As they gear up to embark on thrilling gaming adventures, Sonwabile Esports promises to be a shining beacon of joy and camaraderie for all passionate gamers who dare to dream big.

Join the ranks of Sonwabile Esports and be part of a remarkable gaming odyssey. Secure your spot now and let your gaming prowess shine on the grand stage of esports!

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