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Empowering Elmina Students: Successful Robotics and Coding Programme Introduces STEM Education and Promotes Esports


The Michael Kunke Foundation has published its findings from the three-day Robotics and Coding initiative that took place from April 3-5 at the Elmina Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC) in Elmina, Central Region, Ghana. The programme successfully introduced 40 students from different schools in Elmina to the fundamentals of robotics and coding, with a focus on fostering teamwork and socialisation skills among the students.

The programme was conducted by facilitators hailing from prominent organisations such as the IoT Hub Network, the Ghana STEM Network, and the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG). The generous sponsorship for the programme was provided by Lemon Beach Resort and Nana Kweku Amissah I, Nguaduhen of Edina Traditional Area, with additional support from esteemed entities like the Michael Kunke Foundation, the Digital Foundation Africa, and Lisa Singleton.

The programme kicked off on the first day with an engaging introduction to robotics and coding. Facilitators guided the students through the fundamentals of coding, including different coding languages, essential components and software, and the promising career opportunities as coding engineers. To foster teamwork and socialisation, the students were grouped together in mixed teams. They also had hands-on sessions where they learned how to code a simple robot using various programming languages.

On the second day, the students dove into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its functionalities. They were taught how AI can revolutionise research and learning. The students also had practical experience building and programming a basic AI system.

In the latter part of the day, the students were introduced to Electronic Sports (Esports), where they learned about different game consoles and the diverse job opportunities in the gaming industry. They also learned about the benefits and applications of electronic games and had the chance to play different games.

The final day of the programme focused on the intriguing realm of 3D printing. The students were introduced to the basics of 3D printing and its wide-ranging possibilities. They learned how to design and print 3D models using various software. The programme concluded with a closing ceremony, where the students were commended for their active participation and encouraged to continue exploring the various topics covered throughout the programme.

The Robotics and Coding programme was a resounding success, with the students displaying great enthusiasm throughout the entire programme. The programme had a goal of introducing and integrating STEM education into the mainstream curriculum of schools in Elmina and subsequently expanding to other areas of Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipal Assembly (KEEMA). The event spanned three days and was organised by the Elmina Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC), in collaboration with the Michael Kunke Foundation and Digital Foundation Africa. Generous sponsorship was provided by Lemon Beach Resort, Nana Kweku Amissah I, and Nguaduhen Edina Traditional Area, with support from Lisa Singleton.

As a result of the programme, coding and esports clubs are set to be established within Elmina, enabling the students to participate in national competitions. This programme has opened doors for students to further explore their interests and talents in coding and esports and has set the stage for fostering a culture of innovation and technology in the local community.

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