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Esports Africa News Forms Partnership with Fraser Esports


In a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at enhancing community engagement and promoting the widespread appeal of esports, Esports Africa News (EAN), an African esports media company, has announced its partnership with UK-based esports organisation Fraser Esports. With a shared vision of championing the joys and positive impacts of gaming, this unique alliance promises to unite teams and players, with a particular focus on fostering fun and grassroots community involvement. Through this partnership, Esports Africa News and Fraser Esports aspire to create an inclusive gaming experience that transcends borders, with a special emphasis on the African continent.

The partnership between Fraser Esports and EAN underscores a mutual commitment to raising awareness about the universal appeal of esports. Recognising the transformative power of gaming, both organisations aim to showcase the positive influence it can have on people’s lives, regardless of their geographical location. By fostering collaboration and highlighting the joys and community benefits of esports, this partnership seeks to create a truly global experience.

The alliance between both organisations also signifies a concerted effort to bring together diverse gaming communities from around the world. By bridging the gap between continents, this partnership intends to create an international platform where players and teams can interact, compete, and collaborate. Such cross-cultural exchange not only promotes diversity within the gaming community but also opens doors for players to explore new horizons and gain exposure to different gaming styles and strategies.

At the heart of the partnership lies a shared passion for fostering fun and grassroots community engagement. EAN and Fraser Esports recognise the importance of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels. By encouraging participation and emphasising the joy of gaming, this collaboration seeks to make esports accessible to everyone, irrespective of their level of expertise or geographic location.

Esports Africa News, as an African esports media company, brings a unique perspective to the partnership, with a strong focus on promoting esports within the continent. The collaboration with Fraser Esports presents an opportunity to showcase the immense talent and potential of African gamers on a global scale. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, the two organisations hope to shine a spotlight on the African gaming scene, support local players, and cultivate a thriving esports community across the continent.

Fraser Esports is the ultimate destination for navigating the thriving world of esports. Whether you’re seeking expert consultation or hands-on support, the organisation’s team of professionals is here to guide you. From setting up a successful esports business and implementing educational courses in schools and colleges to creating immersive gaming arenas and recruiting the right staff, Fraser Esports has the expertise to help you succeed. The UK-based organisation is proud to support inclusivity in the LGTBQI+ community, provide valuable examples of esports benefits for individuals with learning disabilities, offer alternative provisions, and present unique work experience opportunities for STEM students. Let Fraser Esports be your trusted partner as they unlock the potential of esports and bring its countless benefits to your organisation.

As Fraser Esports and Esports Africa News embark on this exciting partnership, they invite individuals and organisations alike to join their mission of collaboration, sharing, and gaming together. By leveraging their respective platforms, the alliance seeks to amplify the voices of gamers worldwide and promote the positive aspects of the esports industry. Together, they aim to foster an environment that encourages camaraderie, creativity, and mutual growth.

The partnership between Fraser Esports and Esports Africa News marks an important milestone in the global esports landscape. By joining forces, these organisations are dedicated to promoting the universal appeal of gaming, fostering grassroots community engagement, and creating a worldwide platform for players and teams to connect. As the partnership progresses, it is anticipated that this collaboration will significantly contribute to the growth and development of the esports industry, particularly in Africa, while enhancing the global gaming experience for enthusiasts across the globe.

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