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Esports Education At Upcoming SLAC Camp

The Sports and Leadership Academy (SLAC) will begin on November 5, 2022. It will cover a wide range of sports, such as football, basketball, and esports. The programme strives to instil confidence in young people so that they can pursue leadership roles in athletics as well as academic excellence.

According to SLAC’s official brochure, there is a huge need to invest in the holistic development of children and youth worldwide. “Before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in youth crime, youth violence, substance abuse, depression, and suicide rates among the youth. One of the many reasons is the lack of attention and opportunities for children and youth to stay positively engaged.”

“‘A healthy body is a healthy mind’ is an age-old saying that suggests that a lifestyle of exercise and sports can lead to improved brain function in the present and later life. This is why we believe that SLAC will add great value to children and youth who will actively participate in SLAC programmes and activities.”

SLAC Ghana has planned to include esports among the many sporting disciplines (football, basketball, tennis, swimming, and dance) during the duration of the programme. The initiative will strive to use the power of athletics to inspire, mentor, and empower both young and old people to take responsibility for their personal and their community’s improvement.

Gabriel Sikanu of Esports Africa News (EAN) is a member of SLAC’s technical team and will be in charge of the programme’s esports wing, which is powered by the African esports news media powerhouse.

Esports Gaming and Education will take place twice a month and will be a free activity given by the programme. SLAC is a project of the Impact Youth Foundation (IYF) in collaboration with Al-Rayan International School (ARIS).

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