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Esports Takes Off in Hull with STEAM Education Through Esports

Esports and game development education is the bedrock for the sustainable development of esports and game development. EDS Humber is leading the way in education and esports development in Hull and has organised the first community STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) education esports event in Hull.

The event was held at The Edge Hub in Hull, a multi-purpose location which promotes digital educational and business development.

The cofounder of Eds Humber, Gabriel Atsu Sikanku was happy to see the great interest in esports in the regions. Gabriel is also the founder of Esports Africa News, Esports Africa Tournament, Tema esports Club and has participated in many esports’ events in England and across Africa.

The event featured a presentation by Gabriel on Esports and STEAM education opportunities and how the Humber region is in a great position to develop local talents to become esports champions.

Students, parents, and teachers were introduced to the role of gaming in education, highlighting its benefits for student development and the socio-economic opportunities it presents, such as joining a nascent esports team in the Humber region.

AK Esports partnered with EDS Humber for this event, offering access to high-end sim racing setups where parents, teachers, and young participants engaged in lap challenges. Steve Proudley, a partner at AK Esports, was thrilled to witness the growing interest in sim racing within the Yorkshire region.

In an effort to foster the growth of esports in the Yorkshire region, Adam Bromley, the founder of Esports Yorkshire, journeyed from Leeds to back the event and further the advancement of esports within Yorkshire.

Gabriel is hoping this will mark the start of esports education journey and the development of exciting and successful esports teams in the Yorkshire region.

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