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Gara partners with Flutterwave


Gara, the African gaming and comics marketplace, announced a partnership with payment platform Flutterwave yesterday, October 26.

According to Gara, the partnership will allow the organisation to reach out to additional African countries, particularly those with English-speaking populations, stating: “Our ambition with Gara is to cover the entire African continent. Allow any creator to sell anywhere on the continent.”

“It is with this objective that we have signed a partnership with Flutterwave which allows us to deploy in English-speaking countries.”

And, with Flutterwave operating in over 15 countries, offering over 15 payment choices, and over 30 usable currencies, this collaboration appears to be the perfect move for the Teddy Kossoko-founded platform. “With this partnership with the Nigerian Flutterwave, we are 3 years ahead of our 2025 objectives of covering at least 30 African countries… and opening the platform for the diaspora,” said Teddy after the announcement.

The announcement drew plaudits from African organisations such as Africacomicade, which stated: “Payment infrastructure for the African games industry is one major issue that has affected monetization of games on the continent, especially in Sub-saharan Africa.”

“Very few stakeholders are looking at this sector, but Teddy Kossoko and his team at Gara seem to be at the forefront,” they further stated.

Gara is an African-focused gaming and comics marketplace similar to Google Play. The organisation enables gamers to purchase games and material for the first time and supports distribution across the continent.

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