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Ghana ProClubs League invite new teams

The Ghana ProClubs League (GPL), in collaboration with the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG), is inviting individuals to join or create new teams to participate in the upcoming Ghana ProClubs League season.

The new season, which is set to kick off on September 12, is dubbed the “End of an Era” due to it being the last time the league will be played using EA Sports’ FIFA 22. The latest entry in the EA Sports franchise, FIFA 23, is set for release on September 27.

The Ghana ProClubs League, which will be hosted on Ghana’s fast-growing esports platform, Esports Africa Tournament (EAT), is expected to see some of the country’s best teams compete for the GH₵2,000 ($201) prize pool.

Below is the prize structure for the upcoming competition:

place 1 :GHS 1,000.00
place 2 :GHS 300.00
place 3 :GHS 200.00
place 4 :TOP GOALSCORER- GHS 50.00
place 5 :TOP ASSIST- GHS 50.00

So if you have a team of 5 gamers and are looking to compete in what could be the last event featuring EA Sports FIFA 22 then register by clicking this link. Registration will cost GH₵50 per team and will be sent to the league’s treasurer Khedira on 0542811114.–-Esports-Africa-Tournament.mp4

Below are the rules for the upcoming End of an Era tournament;


➢ Registration fee per team is 50gh and will be sent to the league’s treasurer Khedira on 0542811114 (KWAME ESSEL)

➢ Matches will be scheduled weekly for the league. Every team will play 6 matches a week to be scheduled by the various teams based on availability.
NB: Failure for teams to agree on a time before the range to be communicated to the admins will result in the admins setting the time for those teams themselves and won’t be negotiable

➢ A minimum of 5 players is required in each team that registers else registration will be terminated.

➢ All 6 matches will be posted/sent on Saturday with agreed dates and times posted on the Discord platform before 10pm on Sunday

➢ If due to any reason a team can’t play at an agreed time it should be communicated to the organizers not less than 2 hours before the time for rescheduling within the same week

➢ Every team has a grace period of 30 minutes after an agreed time by which unavailability after this grace period will result in a forfeit.

➢ Once a match has started, the match can be forfeited by a team before the 15-minute game time if no goal has been scored due to backlashes in the network or the servers of some players for the match to be restarted but a team has the chance to forfeit twice for a match, therefore, a third forfeit will result in a full-time forfeit.

➢ All players of a team should be available 15 minutes prior to their match and captains should post their lineups on the Discord platform which will be verified by the match admin. Henceforth unregistered players at the beginning of the tournament can’t play if it is noticed that an unregistered player played for a team it will be an automatic forfeit

➢ The registered team name of a club cannot change and will have to play with the club name they registered

➢ The any or AI controlling will be the decisions of the various clubs, not the admins, but not less than 5 people should be ready for a match else it will be an automatic forfeit

➢ Streaming is compulsory. The GPL YouTube logins will be available to all teams to aid the stream.
NB: If you have a team streaming platform you can stream your matches on them but another teammate should be streaming to the official channel or your opponent team has a player streaming. Secondly, two paired teams in a match cannot both stream unto the channel one team has to stream per match.

➢ The league admins are entitled to judge situations which might rise and might not be covered in this rules book.

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