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Lionel Messi Becomes Co-Owner of KRÜ Esports


Football legend Lionel Messi, who recently clinched his seventh Ballon d’Or award, has officially become a co-owner of the Argentine esports organisation, KRÜ Esports. This groundbreaking partnership sees Messi joining forces with former Argentine footballer Sergio Agüero, the current owner of KRÜ Esports, marking a significant moment in the world of esports. The news was announced through a captivating video on KRÜ Esports’ official platform, X, which quickly went viral, amassing over 10 million views and 120,000 likes in less than four hours.

For sports enthusiasts and gaming fans alike, this development is nothing short of historic. Lionel Messi, a global icon and one of the most famous sporting figures on the planet, stepping into the esports arena is a testament to the industry’s immense growth and potential. His involvement not only brings tremendous exposure but also solidifies the legitimacy and mainstream appeal of esports.

In a blog post on KRÜ Esports’ website, Sergio Agüero expressed his excitement about this collaboration, saying, “I am happy to share a club with Leo, albeit in a new stage and with new challenges. It is an honour that he is part of KRÜ. He is the greatest football player in history and also a great friend. His presence is significant because it embodies values such as perseverance, humility, and resilience. He is a figure that inspires everyone and will be a great contribution to the scene in general.”

The blog post also hinted at an upcoming celebration party on December 16, marking the end of the year and the beginning of a new phase for KRÜ Esports. This signals a promising start to the partnership, and fans can expect exciting developments in the months to come.

Sergio Agüero, who started his journey into esports during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2019 while playing for Manchester City, later founded KRÜ Esports in 2020. The organisation has since made significant strides in the esports world, becoming one of the most influential Latin American (LATAM) esports organisations. KRÜ boasts competitive rosters in games like VALORANT and operates a female team, KRÜ Blaze, in VCT Changers: LATAM. Additionally, they have a Rocket League division that achieved a top-12 finish at the RL Championship Series in 2022–23.

With Messi’s involvement, KRÜ Esports is poised to garner an even larger and more diverse following. However, the key question remains: How will the organisation leverage Messi’s immense popularity in the world of sports to take esports to new heights? It will be fascinating to observe the synergies and innovations that this partnership will bring to the forefront and how they will impact the future of both football and esports.

KRÜ Esports has already established a strong presence in the esports industry, boasting an impressive lineup of key partners, including VISA, Puma, Disney+, Aorus, Logitech G, Budweiser, FITCHIN, and Shikenso Analytics. These partnerships, coupled with the addition of Messi, could prove to be a game-changer for the organisation, helping it solidify its position as a global esports powerhouse.

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