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Moroccan FIFAe Nation Series Coach Apologises to Fans


Hakim “MrDoorey” El Kaddouri, the experienced esports host and commentator, recently took to his official Twitter account to express his gratitude and apologise to the Moroccan people. As the coach of Morocco’s FIFAe Nation Series team, MrDoorey led his team to an impressive Top 8 finish in the prestigious international esports competition. Despite falling short in the Quarter-Finals against the Netherlands, the team’s performance showcased their growth and ability to compete on the global stage.

Morocco’s journey in the FIFAe Nations Series has been nothing short of remarkable. After a disappointing Group Stage exit in the previous edition, the team faced intense pressure to redeem themselves. Under the guidance of Coach MrDoorey, the Moroccan team, consisting of Marwan “MarwanMC9” Chahhou, Aymane “Aymane” Mokallik, and Adam “Adam_Hatake01” Haberraih, displayed incredible resilience and determination.

The Moroccan team’s path to the Quarter-Finals was no easy feat. They encountered fierce competitors along the way, including powerhouse nations like France, the USA, Italy, Finland, Malaysia, and Peru. Despite the tough opposition, Team Morocco displayed outstanding teamwork and skill, securing their spot among the top teams of the tournament.

Acknowledging the tremendous support received from their fans and the nation as a whole, Coach MrDoorey humbly apologised to the Moroccan people on Twitter. In a heartfelt message, he expressed his gratitude and said, “Sorry guys. It was an honour representing my country, but on top [of that], we were also representing so many others!” His words reflected the weight of responsibility and pride they carried while competing in the FIFAe Nations Series.

The online response to Coach MrDoorey’s apology was overwhelmingly positive. Fans flooded social media with messages of encouragement, commending the team’s achievements and expressing pride in their accomplishments. The Moroccan team’s remarkable performance showcased their dedication and determination, leaving fans inspired and hopeful for future successes.

Despite falling short in the Quarter-Finals against the Netherlands, Team Morocco’s journey in the FIFAe Nations Series has set a new standard for Moroccan esports. Their improvement from the previous year’s disappointment is a testament to their hard work, training, and passion for the game. The team’s success has undoubtedly put Moroccan esports on the map and inspired a new generation of aspiring players.

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