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MSSA Calls on all female esports athletes

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has always endeavoured to ensure gender equity in all levels of gaming.

Even when the gaming community was slow to accept such gender equality, MSSA held firm to its principles and ensured that there were females as part of all levels in South Africa.

MSSA has more females on its Board than any other esports federation, and has sent more females to compete at the IESF’s World Esports Championships (WEC) than any other national esports federation.

In fact, MSSA, in the form of Marisa Van Der Westhuizen, has had the first-and-only female Team Captain and Flag Bearer at an IESF event.

MSSA’s current policies dictate that, where possible, half of all National Team Squads, from which the National Team, is selected, shall be female.

However, in 2022 MSSA did not fare so well. The Female CSGO team was unfortunately unable to attend IESF’s 14th WEC and as a result the Namibian team snuck through the African Qualifiers to end in fourth (4th) place in Bali and scoop US$5,000.00 prize money.

Thankfully there is a second chance for South African CSGO female esports athletes. IESF shall be hosting a CSGO event for females at its 15th WEC in Lasi in August 2023.

All that a female esports athlete needs to do to be considered for selection is to:

Lasi awaits those who are not of faint heart. The benefits of merely being selected for the National Squad and earning National Federation Colours is of huge benefit in everyday life.

Take advantage of the opportunity – you know you want to!

For further information please contact SSA on or on WhatsApp – 079 069 3089.

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