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Namibian Esports Gears Up for National Esports Qualifiers!

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) is on the brink of launching the highly anticipated Namibian National Esports Qualifiers for 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s esports landscape. Slated to kick off on the 9th of March 2024, the qualifiers are a beacon for the nation’s finest esports talent, offering a platform to showcase their skills in a competitive arena.

This year’s lineup includes four riveting titles: Counter-Strike 2, eFootball™ Series, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and DotA2, promising a diverse and thrilling competition.

A unique aspect of this year’s qualifiers is the dual-format approach, with both online and offline stages, culminating in in-person finals. This hybrid model ensures wide participation from across Namibia, accommodating athletes from various regions as well as providing an equitable stage for all competitors.

Following the national qualifiers, the journey for the elite e-athletes doesn’t end. Success at the national level propels them to the IESF’s African Regional Qualifiers in Casablanca, Morocco. Here, they will face off against the continent’s best, vying for a spot in the IESF’s 16th World Esports Championships, scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This stepwise progression not only enhances the competitive spirit but also solidifies the path for Namibian e-athletes to shine on the world stage.

NESA’s commitment to fostering a robust esports ecosystem in Namibia is evident in the meticulous planning and execution of the National Qualifiers. Through initiatives like these, NESA aims to not only elevate esports within the national sports fraternity but also to pave the way for Namibian athletes to achieve international acclaim.

As the countdown to the National Qualifiers begins, excitement brews among the gaming community and spectators alike. The qualifiers are more than just a competition; they are a celebration of skill, strategy, and the spirited community that forms the backbone of esports in Namibia.

In wrapping up the anticipation and preparation for the National Qualifiers, NESA extends its heartfelt gratitude towards its partner, MTC, and its sponsor, LogitechG, for their unwavering support in nurturing the esports community in Namibia.

For more information on the Namibian National Esports Qualifiers and to stay updated on the schedules and results, visit NESA’s official website and follow their social media channels, or contact the NESA President: Flip De Bruyn: 081 141 5100 or The road to Riyadh begins in Namibia, and the nation watches eagerly as its e-athletes prepare to make their mark on the global esports arena.”

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