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NUGA announce partnership with Gamr

The Nigeria University Games Association (NUGA) has announced their partnership with the Nigerian esports platform, Gamr, to host the 2022 International Day of University Sport (IDUS), which is set to be held at Nile University from September 18–20.

The partnership will see Gamr host what NUGA calls the “biggest Nigerian University Sports Championship” of the year, something the Nigerian esports organisation isn’t a stranger to, having organised one of the continent’s biggest esports events of the year.

The 2022 IDUS partnership between NUGA and Gamr doesn’t come as a surprise as both entities back in February announced a partnership to bring esports experiences to Nigerian universities, with NUGA stating, “We seek to open more competitive opportunities for our students (sports-wise) through esports.”


Gamr has been making a name for themselves this year by organising what many would consider the continent’s biggest esports event, Gamr X, which brought together some of the best gamers from 10 African countries to do battle in five game titles for a prize pool of $15,000.

The Nigerian esports organisation is also collaborating with esports and gaming organiser and production company, Mettlestate, to organise the CS:GO Intel Africa Masters tournament, which could be the continent’s biggest esports event in 2022.

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