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Online tournaments in Africa – challenges and opportunities

In our quest to understand the online esports ecosystem, Esports Africa News have reviewed and identified some challenges and on opportunities for Online gaming in Africa. Some of the challenges include:

• Internet infrastructure: Many parts of Africa have limited or unreliable internet access, which can make it difficult for players to connect to online games and have a smooth gaming experience.

• Cost of internet access: Even where internet access is available, it can be expensive, making it difficult for many people to afford to play online games regularly.

• Limited access to devices: Many people in Africa do not have access to the latest smartphones or gaming consoles, which can limit the types of online games they can play.

• Payment methods: Online gaming often requires players to make micro-transactions to buy virtual goods or unlock additional content, but in Africa, many people may not have access to credit cards or other forms of online payment.

• Limited game development: Due to all the above factors, there is a lack of African game development, which limits the availability of games tailored to the African market.

Though these factors may make the African online gaming market less attractive for the big players in the gaming industry, there are more opportunities for brave organisations to be the early birds in the market. Many international organisations don’t invest as much in the African market as they do in other regions though Africa has the largest youthful population and fastest growth in gaming, esports and electronic consumptions.

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