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Rocket League Championship Series Welcomes Kenyan Esports Teams

The Kenya Professional Esports Federation (KPEF) has successfully secured Kenya’s participation in the prestigious Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). This monumental move comes after extensive negotiations with Epic Games, the developers behind the widely popular Rocket League.

“It took some long, hard negotiation, but our prayers were answered. A big thanks to all that were involved in this,” expressed KPEF President James Karanu.

As a leading authority in professional esports within Kenya, KPEF is determined to foster the growth and development of esports in the country. The inclusion of Kenya in the RLCS is viewed as a pivotal step towards achieving this ambitious goal, as it not only provides Kenyan gamers with a platform to showcase their skills on the global stage but also opens doors for future opportunities in professional esports.

The RLCS is a premier global tournament that attracts the best Rocket League players from around the world. With Kenya now officially part of this elite competition, it marks a historic moment for the country’s esports community. This move aligns with KPEF’s overarching mission to propel Kenya to the forefront of the global esports scene.

Kenyan esports enthusiasts, both teams and individuals, are encouraged to seize this unprecedented opportunity by participating in the RLCS qualifiers. Interested parties can submit their registrations through the official RLCS tournament website, where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Qualifiers are set to take place. Successfully qualifying in these rounds will secure a spot in the 1st RLCS Major of 2024, a significant milestone for any aspiring esports professional.

KPEF officials emphasise the importance of active participation, urging teams and individuals to demonstrate their prowess and passion for Rocket League. By joining the RLCS, Kenyan players have the chance to compete at the highest level, gain exposure, and contribute to the overall growth of esports within the country.

To facilitate a smooth registration process and address any inquiries, KPEF invites interested parties to reach out for assistance. Whether through the official RLCS tournament website or KPEF’s social media channels, the federation is committed to supporting and guiding Kenyan gamers on their journey to becoming internationally recognised esports athletes.

As Kenya takes its inaugural steps into the RLCS arena, the esports community eagerly anticipates the impact this move will have on the local scene. KPEF’s strategic efforts to secure this opportunity signal a promising future for professional esports in Kenya, inspiring a new generation of gamers to pursue their dreams on the global stage. The journey begins now, and Kenya is ready to make its mark in the Rocket League Championship Series.

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