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Ryan Macquet to speak at TAFFD’s Global Summit

Founder of the Africa Electronic Sport Association (AESA), Ryan Macquet will be one of the 24 speakers set to present at the 2022 Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion (TAFFD) Global Summit.

The event will be held at the Sun City Resort in South Africa from August 16 – 17 and will see Ryan speak on the topic “Esport, far more than just a game.”


The TAFFD Global Summit will bring together some of the world’s leading futurists in their goal of empowering African youth to seize the fourth industrial revolution.

“Africa, with its status as having the youngest population on Earth, is strategically positioned at the forefront of the global race to be the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) powerhouse.” Statement by the TAFFD Global Summit

“Thanks to this vast resource of its digital and boundlessly creative youth kept on the go through unique but dynamic experiences and in undaunted response to the need for ceaselessly using tools, ideas and skills in overcoming myriad, real-life challenges.”

Ryan will be joined by many futurists such as David Mukomana of the Apimodia Regional Commission, Ewehmeh Gilbert who will be speaking on “Unleashing Africa’s Economic Growth,” and AGvocate Memory Nyakwima Chakwita who is the Country Director of Africa Agricultural Agenda, among many others.

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