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Vespa Kofi Sarpong Joins PlayProvince


Ghana’s esports scene is set to receive a significant boost as PlayProvince, a leading esports organisation in the country, welcomes Vespa Kofi Sarpong as its new Sales and Partnership Manager. With a strong background as an esports event host and shoutcaster, Sarpong brings a wealth of industry expertise and a burning passion for esports to his new role. The appointment is expected to strengthen PlayProvince’s position as a trailblazer in Ghana’s gaming community and pave the way for further achievements on the competitive esports stage.

In a recent statement, Sarpong expressed his excitement about joining PlayProvince, highlighting the organisation’s trailblazing efforts in Ghana’s esports landscape. “Excited to be a part of this wonderful team who are blazing many wonderful trails in esports Ghana… I do hope to add up to the championships won and all successes.”

By securing his appointment, PlayProvince has demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of esports in the country. Sarpong’s expertise and drive are set to complement the organisation’s existing achievements and contribute to its continued success.

As the Sales and Partnership Manager, Sarpong will play a pivotal role in expanding PlayProvince’s business reach and forging strategic alliances. Leveraging his industry connections and knowledge, he will work tirelessly to secure new partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations for the organization. By attracting fresh investments, Sarpong aims to bolster PlayProvince’s financial resources, enabling the organization to provide better resources and opportunities for aspiring esports enthusiasts across Ghana.

Sarpong’s dedication to the growth and development of esports in Ghana is evident in his statement. His desire to contribute to the championships and successes achieved by PlayProvince underlines his commitment to elevating the local gaming community to new heights. With his extensive experience as an event host and shoutcaster, Sarpong understands the pulse of the esports industry, recognising the potential it holds for both players and fans.

PlayProvince has already established itself as a prominent esports organisation in Ghana, fostering a vibrant community of gamers and hosting successful tournaments. With Sarpong’s appointment, the organisation is poised to solidify its position and drive the development of a thriving esports ecosystem in the country. By leveraging his expertise and forging strategic partnerships, Sarpong aims to attract international tournaments, promote grassroots talent, and provide a platform for Ghana’s esports athletes to showcase their skills on a global stage.

The appointment of Vespa Kofi Sarpong as the Sales and Partnership Manager of PlayProvince marks an exciting chapter in Ghana’s esports journey. Sarpong’s wealth of experience and passion for the industry make him the ideal candidate to contribute to PlayProvince’s mission of elevating the country’s gaming landscape. With Sarpong’s strategic guidance, the organisation is set to achieve new milestones, win championships, and create opportunities for aspiring esports enthusiasts in Ghana. As the esports industry continues to thrive, PlayProvince’s vision of establishing Ghana as a force to be reckoned with in the global gaming arena becomes even more promising.

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