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Kweku Hammond appointed PlayProvince Manager

Ghana esports team, PlayProvince have announced the appointment of Kweku Hammond as the team’s new manager.

Kweku who goes by the gamer tag “Kayyyyy” takes over managing duties from PlayProvince’s CEO, Herbert Henry Krakue, who had been combining both his CEO duties with managing the team.

“His promotion was necessary because combining managing the teams and CEO duties were becoming overwhelming,” Herbert said in an exclusive interview with EAN.


“Now that he has filled those shoes, I can now get more room to make major strategic corporate decisions and focus on pushing PlayProvince to become one of the best esports clubs in the world.”

PlayProvince’s new manager initially joined the team as an Apex Legends and FIFA gamer back in November 2021 and according to Herbert showed incredible leadership skills as the Apex Legends team leader which convinced him to give Kweku the role.

“I signed him as an Apex and FIFA player. He was the team leader for the PlayProvince Apex team and he was a fantastic team lead, organising the teams in training or organising them for tournaments.”

“Apart from that he showed interest in the other genre of games and contributed immensely with strategies,” Herbert concluded.

Kweku will have his work cut out for him as the new manager of PlayProvince as the team has impressed under the management Herbert Henry Krakue with a recent example being the impressive performance of FIFA gamer Prince Jonas.

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