July 16, 2024

African Esports organisation, 10N8E has entered an exclusive partnership with esports technology and infrastructure specialists Esports Innovation Group (EIG) to “supercharge esports growth in West Africa.”

This was revealed in a statement by EIG who revealed their plans to bring international esports standards to the region.

“The efforts of 10N8E have been fundamental to the growth & success of esports in the region. They have nurtured strong communities across multiple games and built strong esports brands.” co-founder & CEO of EIG, Michael Broda said about the partnership.

Michael also revealed that EIG will develop a purpose-built esports digital platform for 10N8E “with our help at EIG, 10N8E will be able to unlock their full potential. As a first step, West African gamers will have an esports platform to gather, have fun & build a career playing the games they love.” The EIG CEO stated

10N8E is an esports organisation focused on bringing global competitive gaming, content and communities to the West African region.

The organisation currently has four major gaming communities including PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Free Fire.

Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) of 10N8E, Fowowe Onigbanjo also spoke on the partnership stating his belief that EIG will help to raise the continent to a higher level.

“10N8E is focused on raising the bar in West Africa and by partnering with Esports Innovation Group (EIG), we are bringing the best in class to the continent,” Fowowe said

Our partnership is focused on improving the quality of esports engagement, increasing the number of supported publishers and most importantly expanding the esports audience to capture more Africans.

CGO of 10N8E, Fowowe Onigbanjo

EIG is a Venture Corporation enabling businesses to champion esports through its proprietary technology, alumni of industry experts, strategic partnerships, and portfolio companies.

According to the group, it exists to enable businesses to succeed with esports through its innovations and access to cutting-edge technology for the benefit of gamers everywhere.