July 24, 2024


Who We Are

Esports Africa News is a nexus of information regarding all things console, PC and mobile esports in Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to bring the news straight from the experts on the ground and keep our readers, who we hope will expand quickly, in-the-know about all that matters in esports in Africa.

The esports industry is booming, but it’s still largely a white-washed space. In fact, the global esports audience is more than double that of the NFL, NBA and MLB combined.

However, there’s an information gap in the African market—especially when it comes to news about the industry. We know that you’re already on top of the latest news from all over the world, but what about your own continent?

You might have heard about some of the biggest tournaments like The International or League of Legends World Championship, but what about all the other events—the smaller ones that happen every day?

That’s why we created Esports Africa News.

Our History

As an organization, our modus operandi is fashioned around the concept of the Adinkra symbol, ‘Nkonsonkonson’ also known as Chainlink. A symbol of unity and human relations. A reminder that in unity lies strength.

We imbibe concepts of unity, community, and the strength that comes from working together within our organization. We believe we are building a system of possibilities for posterity, keeping in mind the impact and efforts of predecessors. Just gamers going above and beyond to pave way for the future of gaming/ esports through Esports News in Africa