July 17, 2024

Africa Games Week is the official sponsor for GameJam+ Namibia

africa games week

Africa Games Week will be the official sponsor for the 2022 edition of the game development marathon GameJam+ Namibia, which is set to kick off from October 14–16.

This was revealed by the Regional Organiser for the event, Tutaleni Ilonga, who revealed that the partnership will see the two winners of GameJam+ Namibia given the opportunity to showcase their work at the Africa Games Week Festival that will be held from December 1–3.

“I am excited to announce that Africa Games Week is an official sponsor for GameJam+ Namibia 2022 and will be offering two of the winners of this event the opportunity to be given a pass to showcase their game at the Africa Games Week Festival from 1–3 December 2022.”

The Africa Games Week Festival is the leading international event in Africa, shining a spotlight on African game development. The event brings together the leaders of the African gaming industry to connect, engage, educate, and develop.

GameJam+ is a game development marathon whose main goal is to foster the creative economy industry with new games and companies, uniting the strength and interests of different developers’ hubs across the world so as to show the gamer public the existence and potential of independent games, stimulating for the developers the concept of games as a business.