May 24, 2024

In the realm of Call of Duty Mobile Esports, the African region has frequently been underrepresented. From expressing their views in the comments section to rallying behind their compatriot “KINGPLAYS” in the iFerg 1v1 tournament, the community’s support has been unwavering. This article will provide an overview of the premier teams and talents to keep an eye on from April 21st to April 30th during the African CODM championship.

Cast Esports has led the way since the beginning of competitive gaming in Africa. Players such as Meez, who has earned the title of African Phone Player of the Year, along with Devoid and Nundi, formerly of Rage, have become central figures in the scene. Their global reputation could soar if they excel in a tournament of this scale.

When considering the top team in the region recently, Ace Gamers stands out due to their impressive success. Their victories in the Accra Esports Week Mobile Gaming Championship and the Survivor Series demonstrate their excellence as a team. Players such as Veppex and Grace are sure to impress and stand out for all to see. The question remains whether they will maintain their dominance or succumb to their own ego.

Representing South Africa, Velentzas Esports is a Tier 1 team that has been consistently performing well in recent Up and Gunning Scrims. Keep an eye on their IGL and Slayer, JoeMama, who has delivered incredible performances previously.

Nigeria’s representative and the 2023 Mobile Mayhem Tournament champion, Rage Gaming, has been nothing short of sensational recently. Having won multiple community tournaments but not always coming out on top, they are set to seek revenge in this upcoming tourney. With players like Joba and Baileys consistently excelling, it’s time for Rage Gaming to shine.

The exciting teams don’t end there as you’ve got Trinity Esports with Daniello, Ace Pharo with Dwarfy,  3AM and Chef from Defiance and Kenya’s very own Czy Esports who will all have a say in the tournament. This is a tournament to show the world that Africa is not to be messed with in the Esports space and that they deserve to be viewed in the same light as the other regions and given a spot in the world championship.

Article by -Thaveesha Jinadasa