July 24, 2024

African Community Unites to Support UK-born Ghanaian Sim-Racer Lewis Appiagyei in Charity Tournament


The African community is rallying behind UK-born Ghanaian sim-racer Lewis Appiagyei as he gears up to compete in the Aero Bay Genesis Tournament hosted and organised by Saltwater Games (SWG). The tournament is not only a showcase of virtual racing prowess but a platform for philanthropy, with Appiagyei pledging to donate the grand prize of $10,000 towards the advancement of esports in Africa through Esports Africa News (EAN).

In a remarkable display of unity and support, the African community has shown overwhelming backing for Appiagyei. His pursuit of victory and commitment to fostering esports on the African continent have resonated deeply, capturing hearts across the globe.

Appiagyei’s ambitious plan involves using the tournament’s winnings to establish a sim-racing centre in Accra, Ghana. This facility would not only elevate the profile of sim-racing but also provide young talent in Africa with an avenue to hone their skills and compete on a global stage.

As the race date approaches, Appiagyei finds himself in third place following the release of Practise Lap Time results on August 9. His more experienced competitors, Brazilian Brunu Senna racing in support of Instituto Ayrton Senna and American Ellis Spiezia racing for Founders Pledge, are currently ahead. However, Appiagyei’s determination and the immense backing of his supporters promise an intense competition where the underdog could yet triumph.

A recent Twitter poll conducted by Celeros, aimed at gauging public sentiment, revealed Appiagyei’s widespread popularity. He secured an impressive 29.4% of the popular vote, outpacing Brazilian Brunu Senna by a significant 5.8%. The poll’s outcome solidified the belief that the African community’s fervent backing could well translate into a triumphant victory.

The focal point of this high-stakes competition is the Aero Bay Street Circuit, a thrilling racetrack that seamlessly blends rapid straights, demanding turns, and the dynamic terrain of the bay and cityscape. Fans and enthusiasts alike can look forward to a heart-pounding spectacle as racers push the limits of their virtual machines to secure victory.

The Aero Bay Genesis Tournament’s feature broadcast is scheduled for August 17, and the anticipation is palpable. As the Ghanaian sim-racer gears up to take on his rivals, the global audience, and a legion of supporters from the African community, one thing is certain: this virtual race transcends mere competition; it stands as a testament to the power of unity, purpose, and the boundless potential of esports.