July 21, 2024

African Powerhouses Set to Compete in PUBG Mobile at IESF World Esports Championship

PUBG Mobile

Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria are set to represent the African continent at the prestigious International Esports Federation (IESF) 15th World Esports Championship in PUBG Mobile, scheduled to take place in Iași, Romania, from August 24 to September 4. Their remarkable performance during the IESF African Region Qualifiers, held online from June 12–13, where they secured the coveted spots among the top 3 teams, solidified their position on the global esports stage.

The IESF African Region Qualifiers witnessed a spectacular display of skill, strategy, and teamwork from PUBG Mobile teams representing the nations of Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, and Namibia. In the heated competition that unfolded over two intense days, Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria demonstrated their prowess, ultimately clinching the top three places.

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Morocco emerged as the undeniable champion, amassing an impressive 157 points throughout 12 gripping rounds of competition. With unwavering tenacity, they outshone their rivals and claimed the top spot on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Egypt showcased their prowess and secured a commendable second place, accumulating a total of 141 points and trailing just behind the victorious Moroccan team. Algeria, not to be outdone, demonstrated their mettle, earning a respectable third place with 104 points, a comfortable 22 points ahead of fourth-place Ghana, who, despite their valiant efforts, narrowly missed out on qualification, falling short of the podium.

With their qualification secured, the teams from Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria will now be eagerly preparing to showcase their exceptional talents at the IESF 15th World Esports Championship in Romania. This global event brings together the finest esports competitors from around the world, pitting them against each other in the virtual battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile.

The IESF World Esports Championship is widely recognised as a platform that fosters international camaraderie, celebrates diversity, and promotes the growth of esports on a global scale. As African representatives, these three nations have the opportunity to inspire and uplift their fellow esports enthusiasts on the continent while also leaving an indelible mark on the international stage.

As Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria embark on their journey to the IESF World Esports Championship, they are not only representing their nations but also showcasing the immense potential of PUBG Mobile as a competitive esports title on the continent. Their presence in the global arena serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring esports athletes across Africa and beyond.

The North African nations’ qualification to represent Africa at the IESF 15th World Esports Championship in Romania is a testament to their exceptional performance in the IESF African Region Qualifiers. These nations have demonstrated their dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to the world of esports. As they gear up for the prestigious event, they carry with them the aspirations and hopes of their nations and the entire continent of Africa, eager to leave an indelible mark on the international stage and continue to drive the growth of esports in Africa. The stage is set, the battleground awaits, and the world will soon witness the extraordinary talents of these African powerhouses in PUBG Mobile.