July 16, 2024

Arudem is set to compete in first-ever international contest

arudem gaming

A week after announcing their all-Ugandan esports roster, Arudem Gaming is set to compete in its first-ever international esports contest when the team’s FIFA gamer Kid Musa faces off against Addexx of Senegalese esports giants Solo Esport in a friendly contest on Saturday, October 1 at 8PM EAT.

Addexx, who back in April finished in third place at the 10-nation esports competition Gamr X, is a genuine African esports star known for his mastery of the game’s mechanics as well as his beautiful possession-based style of play, which has led him to three Senegalese championships in FIFA 18 and FIFA 19. He will prove a tough test for the relatively unknown Kid Musa.

However, underestimate Kid Musa at your own peril as the Ugandan star has impressed locally, making it to the Grand Finals of the FIFA 22 HnS Gamers’ Tournament by trashing his opponent Aksam 6-1 in the Semi-Finals. He also made it to the Grand Finals of the Uganda FIFA Tournament 2022, where he would once again face Aksam, defeating him 4-2 after extra time to claim the title.

Arudem recently unveiled its official kits which will be used by the organisation in both local and international events, with Kid Musa’s match against Addexx set to be the first time the black jersey of Uganda’s first professional esports and gaming organisation will be seen.


The match, which kicks off on October 1 at 8PM EAT, looks to be an entertaining watch and will be live streamed on the official Arudem Esports YouTube channel.