April 25, 2024

Mr. APK, a Ghana Gamr X National Qualifier Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) finalist, believes Babyfox, his opponent in the Grand Final, has what it takes to win gold when the competition’s main showcase takes place in Lagos, Nigeria, in June.

In an exclusive interview with EAN, the MK11 streamer, who was defeated by Babyfox in the qualifiers Group Stage, Winners Bracket Final, and ultimately the competition’s Grand Final, stated that he believes Babyfox can go to Nigeria and bring home the gold medal.

“Babyfox is an amazing player; in the finals we played, I met him three times: in the group stages, where he won 3-1; in the winners’ finals, where he won 3-1; and in the grand finals, where he won 3-1, so that should tell you how strong a player he is.”

“So, I am not honestly disappointed with my results; I would’ve been if maybe I lost against someone I believed I could’ve defeated, but Babyfox is a strong player; we play quite a lot together, and sometimes that is what it is in tournaments, so congratulations to him on winning the tournament, and with how he played, I believe when he goes ahead to represent Ghana at Lagos, there is a high chance he could win the tournament as well.”

Babyfox appears to be looking forward to playing game after game. “I try not to put too much pressure on myself, so even if I do bad, I won’t feel horrible,” he said in an exclusive interview with EAN. “But I think I will do well; top 4 at the very least is okay.”

The Gamers Republic player will have two months to prepare before travelling to Lagos, Nigeria, to compete against representatives from 17 African countries, including Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Cameroon, South Africa, and the Ivory Coast, as well as host Nigeria, for the chance to bring glory to his homeland.