July 21, 2024

 Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF) has partnered with Skrmiish, the world’s first mobile Play-to-Earn app that enables gamers of all levels to earn cash for every match they play across AAA+ games. Skrmiish is currently closing their £2.5M seed round, where BFF has co-invested alongside Launch Africa Ventures.

The seed funding enables Skrmiish to accelerate scalability by integrating with additional game titles, launching into North and Latin America and completing the preparation of a native Skrmiish token. Skrmiish also plans to hire experienced individuals to bolster the existing team.

Since launching its free-to-play offering in 2021, Skrmiish has seen outstanding results in acquiring +100,000 players at low costs across more than 100 jurisdictions around the globe.

The company offers its unique MoneyMatch feature, allowing players to earn real cash in every match they play without having to wait for a tournament or a peer-to-peer challenge.

MoneyMatch which is currently live across the UK and Europe combine a standard sportsbook approach with traditional AAA+ gameplay targeting more than half a billion players currently.

Players get their MoneyMatch Rating (MMR) based on their performance data once they have synced Skrmiish with their game accounts.

Skrmiish also boasts the world’s first competitive gaming wallet built on the blockchain. This means that the company’s financial infrastructure is FCA regulated and built with bank-grade security, allowing users to be in complete control of their earnings and have the freedom to move funds with high frequency and at a low cost.

Aly Madhavji, General Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, commented, “We are thrilled to be supporting Skrmiish and their world-class team in their journey to provide revolutionary experiences in the gaming and e-sports community.”

“Our visions are aligned in creating a more gamified and equitable future for all, and we are confident that their products and services will facilitate this landscape for the gamers of today and tomorrow.”

Luke Grob, CEO of Skrmiish, emphasised that these partnerships are going to accelerate the team’s ability to implement the Skrmiish economic value system and build a Play-to-Earn format for the world’s gamers.

“Skrmiish will enable every gamer in the world to earn in every match they play within the games they already love.”

“This is a revolution in the accessibility to earn while playing games and democratizes the competitive esports and blockchain-based gaming industries.”

“We’re fired up to launch our new MoneyMatch feature across multiple game titles, taking the casual gamer experience to a new level of excitement that we hope will delight players around the world,” Grob continued.

The BFF investment and partnership with other powerhouse tech and blockchain specialist VCs such as Launch Africa and Stellar will help Skrmiish become the go-to competitive app with digital banking for gamers globally.