April 21, 2024

BMW Group Middle East & Nigma Galaxy Join Forces


BMW Group Middle East has unveiled an exciting partnership with the MENA-based esports powerhouse, Nigma Galaxy. This collaboration, fueled by a shared commitment to passion, innovation, people, and sportsmanship, promises to reshape the esports landscape in the Middle East and beyond.

Under this strategic alliance, BMW Group Middle East, the regional arm of the iconic German automotive marque BMW, will leverage its vast resources and expertise to nurture local esports talent and propel the esports phenomenon to new heights on a global scale.

The partnership announcement was accompanied by a visually striking video featuring Nigma Galaxy’s star players, setting the stage for what could be a game-changing move for the esports ecosystem in the Middle East.

For BMW, this isn’t their maiden voyage into the realm of esports. In November 2022, they ventured into this exciting domain by collaborating with Fnatic to develop a range of specialised gaming mice tailored to Fnatic’s League of Legends team. Now, with Nigma Galaxy on board, BMW Group Middle East is poised to further fortify its presence in the esports realm.

This development marks a significant milestone for Nigma Galaxy as well. The MENA-based esports juggernaut, founded in 2021, has rapidly risen to prominence in the gaming world, boasting teams competing across seven titles, including CS:GO, League of Legends, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. BMW becomes the third high-profile partner to join Nigma Galaxy’s roster, following real estate developer Aldar and Etihad Airways.

Christoph Timm, co-founder of Nigma Galaxy, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with BMW Group Middle East resonates deeply with our vision and values. BMW’s passion for excellence and constant innovation aligns seamlessly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of esports. Together, we aim to inspire and empower a new generation of gamers, supporting their dreams and aspirations in this exciting world of competitive gaming while creating unforgettable experiences that bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.”

This groundbreaking partnership between BMW Group Middle East and Nigma Galaxy underscores the rapid evolution of esports from niche entertainment to a global cultural force. As these two giants unite their strengths, the esports community can eagerly anticipate a wave of innovation, talent development, and thrilling competitions that will redefine the future of gaming in the Middle East and beyond.