July 14, 2024

Call of Duty Warzone- reverting loadout drop timing

In anticipation of Season Two’s launch, the Call of Duty® team shared a recent gameplay change, Raven Software is making in WarzoneTM. Following community feedback during Season One, Raven Software is reverting the standard Battle Royale Load-out Drop timing.

As part of the minor update, operators can expect to see Load out Drops available to purchase in Buy Stations at any time, rather than restricting availability during a match’s opening minutes. This change will not affect Call of Duty®: Vanguard Royale and is one of numerous updates that all studios worked to deploy over the past two weeks and beyond.

More intel on what changed in Warzone since their last community update on January 19– including bug fixes and other quality of life changes – can be found via Raven Software’s patch notes.

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