February 29, 2024

The Cassava x Play1st Cup, one of Africa’s largest web3 esports gaming leagues, has officially opened for registration and will run through November 11.

The competition, which is a collaboration between the gaming platform Play1st and the African blockchain infrastructure network Cassava, is scheduled to bring together some of the continent’s best gamers to compete for a $1,000 prize pool in Thetan Arena, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed with blockchain technology.

Carry1st, creators of the Play1st platform, announced this in a tweet, saying: “Complete the Thetan Arena Quest on Play1st today and form a team with your friends to join battles and compete in the biggest web3 esports league in Africa, The Cassava x Play1st Cup.”

Cassava also released a statement about the upcoming event, revealing that the company will host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Telegram tomorrow, November 4, at 5PM UTC, led by Elsie Godwin, the company’s Marketing Manager, and George Payne, the Head of Web3 Gaming at Carry1st.

“Cassava Network will be hosting an AMA with Play1st to discuss the Cassava X Play1st Cup. The head of Web3 gaming at Carry1st, George Payne and our marketing manager Elsie Godwin will be joining us for this interesting AMA.”


So, if you want to compete in the Cassava x Play1st Cup, be sure to visit the link and complete all of the steps to stand a chance to earn a large portion of the $1,000 prize pool. You have until November 11 to join one of the continent’s largest web3 esports gaming leagues.