July 17, 2024

No one knows how and why the corona virus has taken the world by storm rather negatively. Every aspect of the world; nature, economics, commerce and trade. Even relationships have been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. Practicing the safety protocols put in place can help prevent the spread of the virus while eradicating it slowly. Keeping safe is necessary in these times as the virus is quite fatal. The measures to stay safe are available all around us but as gamers what should we do to prevent us falling victim to the virus?

  • Sanitizing and Washing Your Hands Frequently.

According to health experts, washing your hands and sanitising them often prevents the spread of the virus while protecting the individual from other possible diseases. The best thing is to wash under running water and with soap. The soap and water would do a better job of getting rid of disease-causing germs. Imagine walking outside all day and picking up the virus and the touching your gaming equipment.

Sounds terrible to constantly be accommodating the virus around the very thing you love and are always in contact with. Always wash under running water for at least twenty (20) seconds or more to ensure you wash thoroughly. Your sanitisers should also be alcohol based and should be used as frequently as possible to keep the virus from staying on you.

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Equipment

Cleaning your equipment is as essential as cleaning your hands or body. Cleaning your hands and touching your infected equipment doesn’t seem very smart and would cause cross contamination no matter how many times you clean your hands. Getting antibacterial wipes, preferably alcohol based ones, can properly deal with the virus and get rid of them.

  • Get vaccinated

There have been a lot of rumors, misconceptions and myths about the vaccine provided to prevent the acquisition of the virus. Getting vaccinated is one sure way of keeping safe when it comes to corona virus. The vaccination is still ongoing so it’s best to get it done as soon as possible while the vaccination is free. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Pyson games joined forces to develop a game that educates on everything corona virus.

The game; Antidote Covid-19 comes at a critical point of the pandemic where misinformation is hindering COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and adherence to other public health measures due to fear, mistrust and doubt. By putting players in the driver’s seat, the game urges everyone to play a role in fighting harmful misinformation online, and learning and sharing the facts from trusted sources of information.

  • Carry a sanitizer and mask to the arcade

Always wear a mask when going out especially to places like the arcade where people may need to interact with each other. Wearing a mask reduces the risk of transmission by… a lot and therefore is a key thing to do when fighting the virus. You can also try carrying hand sanitizers and wipes to clean the controllers that others may have touched and cleaning your hands after touching the games. Everything that could be touched and has been touched by other gamers should be cleaned. Let’s look after each other.

  • Encourage others

It’ll be hard to keep the virus at bay if you’re the only one practicing. Encouraging friends, family and loved ones to practice saves more than one person. Everyone one of your gaming pals would now be protected against the virus.