May 24, 2024

The Esports Association, Ghana (EAG) is currently giving away Dr. Baro Hyun’s book “Demystifying Esports” to teachers and Heads of Schools in the country.

The book’s full title is “Demystifying Esports: A Personal Guide to the History and Future of Competitive Gaming” and goes about bridging the generation gap by exploring the history of competitive gaming, the growth of the industry, and its explosion as a global phenomenon.


This giveaway seems to line up with the EAG’s current mission to educate the Ghanaian populace about the emerging sport as well as to get rid of the conception that esports is gambling, something President of the EAG, Kwesi Hayford addressed.

Gaming as in the competitive play of video games is totally different from gaming as in betting or gambling [and is] totally opposite [to] internet fraud.

Kwesi Hayford, EAG President

“The end result of any competitive experience can be used for betting or gambling…just like football, golf, tennis, racing, formula 1 or any other sport but that professional sport and skill set plus the value chain in itself is not gambling or betting, so is esports.”

So if you are a teacher or the Head of a school and are interested in learning more about the growing video games industry and how it can benefit your students, you have till Saturday, June 18 to sign up for your very own copy of the Baro Hyun’s “Demystifying Esports” at the EAG website.