April 22, 2024

FReZZer is gauging interest in a fighting games tournament


Redouane “FReZZer” Dahbi seems to be gauging interest in an annual fighting games tournament to be held in his home country of Morocco.

The popular professional esports athlete who plys his trade for vSlash Esports asked his followers on Twitter to vote on what games they’d like to see at the yet to be named annual fighting games tournament in Morocco.

“A big (annual) fighting games offline tournament with a sweet prize pool in Morocco. Will you be interested in [it]? What games would you like to see for the 1st edition?”

No date for the competition has also been revealed, but FReZZer stated that there are three potential dates, and it will be decided in the next couple of weeks. He also revealed that participants will have enough time to prepare for the competition.

“We have three dates, we will decide which one in a couple of weeks. Don’t worry you will have enough time (at least 3 months) to get ready.”

FReZZer has had an impressive 2022 campaign as he was crowned champion of the 2022 InterContinental Fight Club (ICFC) King of Fighters (KOF) XV Summer Europe (EU) and North Africa (NA) region. He beat out his fellow countryman Khalid “frionel” Naili in the Grand Finals of what was an intensely competitive competition.

So if you are looking to have your voice heard for a promising competition with what FReZZer calls “a sweet prize pool” then click the link and vote for your favourite fighting games.