July 24, 2024

Gamax Esports Secures Spot in EMG Pro Series: Levant + North Africa


In an exhilarating display of skill and determination, Gamax Esports, the Egyptian esports organisation, has emerged triumphant in the EMG Open Series: Levant + North Africa, securing their place in the highly anticipated VALORANT tournament, the Starladder EMG Pro Series: Levant + North Africa. After facing fierce competition against some of the region’s top teams, Gamax Esports has earned the final spot in the prestigious tournament set to take place from August 5 to 25.

The journey to clinch the coveted spot in the Starladder EMG Pro Series was not an easy one for Gamax Esports. Kicking off the EMG Open Series from July 22 to 23, the team showcased exceptional talent, strategy, and teamwork, leaving fans in awe of their gameplay.

Right from the get-go, luck favoured Gamax Esports, as they received a bye in Round 1 of the EMG Open Series: Levant + North Africa, granting them direct entry to the Quarter-Finals. This early advantage allowed the team to conserve energy and prepare for the challenging matches that lay ahead.

In the Quarter-Finals, Gamax Esports faced off against 0 Skill in a nail-biting encounter that went down to the wire. Both teams put up a fierce fight, but Gamax Esports ultimately triumphed with a close 19-17 scoreline, propelling them into the Semi-Finals.

Their next challenge came in the form of Team Team, a formidable opponent in the Levant + North Africa esports scene. However, Gamax Esports proved their mettle once again, sweeping the series 2-0 in their favour, thus booking their place in the Finals against Skulls Esports.

The Grand Finals witnessed an electrifying showdown between Gamax Esports and Skulls Esports, with both teams displaying immense skill and teamwork. However, Gamax Esports showcased their prowess and secured a convincing victory, earning their place in the prestigious Starladder EMG Pro Series: Levant + North Africa.

With their spot confirmed, Gamax Esports now prepares to face some of the region’s top VALORANT teams in the upcoming tournament. The Starladder EMG Pro Series: Levant + North Africa boasts a lineup of formidable competitors, including Team RA’AD, Geekay Esports, NASR Esports, GNG Esports, ONYX Ravens, FATE Esports, and Team Occupy. This tournament promises to be a fierce battleground, and Gamax Esports aims to rise to the occasion and secure a portion of the $6,500 prize pool.

The stakes are high, as the tournament’s top performers will also earn a coveted slot in either the 2023 EMG Legends Cup or the 2023 EMG Legends Cup: Last Chance Qualifier, further solidifying their place in the esports pantheon.

As the esports community eagerly awaits the Starladder EMG Pro Series: Levant + North Africa, all eyes are on Gamax Esports to witness their skill, dedication, and passion in action. With their recent victory in the EMG Open Series, the Egyptian esports organisation has proven that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Fans from across the region are rallying behind Gamax Esports, eager to witness their journey and support them as they embark on this thrilling esports adventure. As they gear up to face some of the best VALORANT teams in the Levant and North Africa, one thing is certain: Gamax Esports is ready to leave its mark on the esports landscape and make their nation proud.