April 21, 2024



Amazon Prime’s highly anticipated esports competition series, GAMEMASTER, has announced an exciting new partnership with FITGMR, a renowned esports performance and player development company. This collaboration is a testament to GAMEMASTER’s dedication to fostering a positive and healthy environment for its contestants.

FITGMR is known for its comprehensive approach to esports health, which is based on its “Five Pillars of Health” philosophy and accessible through its user-friendly FITGMR app. The app offers coach-led programming in physical maintenance, mental conditioning, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle, all tailored specifically to meet the physical and mental demands of gaming.

With a structured and personalised approach, athletes can optimise their performance and stay primed for competition. FITGMR will closely work with GAMEMASTER’s contestants, providing them with opportunities for health and well-being through daily routines, mental health conversations, engaging activities outside of gaming, improved sleep, and nutrition. FITGMR’s team of experts will also be readily available to offer guidance and support to contestants throughout the competition.

“We are thrilled to partner with GAMEMASTER to support the health and well-being needs of their contestants,” said Kristin Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of FITGMR. “Esports is an incredibly demanding activity, and it’s important that athletes take care of their bodies and minds. By working with GAMEMASTER, we can help ensure that contestants have the support they need to perform at their best.”

FITGMR has a long-standing history of working with esteemed esports teams, including Cloud9, one of the most successful esports organisations worldwide. Additionally, FITGMR extends its services to high school and college esports programmes, as well as esports federations and organisations across the globe including their partnership with Esports Africa Tournament (EAT) to support and advance a sustainable and successful player and coaching development programme in Ghana.

“GAMEMASTER is excited to share the benefits of FITGMR with our gamers and our audience,” said EP and co-creator Laurie Lockliear. “The stereotype of the lazy gamer isn’t representative of today’s gamers. In fact, competitive gamers at every level know that their overall health and well-being play a huge role in their gaming success.”

Furthermore, Peach Maria Productions, the production company behind GAMEMASTER, has chosen to become a strategic investor in FITGMR’s upcoming fundraising round, solidifying their partnership and commitment to the holistic health of the gaming ecosystem. This partnership between GAMEMASTER and FITGMR sets a new standard for esports competitions by prioritising health and well-being and contributing to the creation of a more sustainable future for esports athletes.