July 16, 2024

African esports platform, Gamr, has revealed they will be participating in the 2022 STEAM Fun Fest to be held at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos, Nigeria on July 23.

Gamr announced this on social media, stating that their mission at the event will be to educate future generations about the opportunities available in esports.

“Gamr will be participating in this year’s STEAM fest and our mission at this event is to educate the kids aged 8-16 about esports and prepare them for the opportunities that lie ahead.” A statement from Gamr reads

“At Gamr, we are focused on creating an enabling environment for these kids and people in the grassroots to learn more about esports.” 

In their quest to educate future generations, Gamr has a number of exciting activities for the kids at the 2022 STEAM Fun Fest, with several games set to be made available for the kids, including FIFA 22, Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite. 

There will also be talks on Game Development and Animation, Career Paths in Esports, Demystifying Gaming and Esports, and a Minecraft Tutor.

“We are on a mission to provide the tools and opportunities that will help them gather the skills they need to grow and become not only pro players but successful people in other careers in the esports industry.” Gamr stated.

The 2022 STEAM Fun Fest is an opportunity for children to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) with the hope of inspiring future generations in Nigeria.

Starting back in 2021, following a collaboration between 9ijakids, STEAM METS, and Edufun Technik Hub, the event was launched as a virtual STEAM Festival for children between the ages of 7 and 13.

This year’s event will be under the theme “STEAM: From Classroom to the Real World” and aims to spark children’s love for STEAM and enlighten parents about opportunities in STEAM.

The one-day event programme will feature seasoned speakers; career talks; workshops; fun activities; games; and interactive science learning opportunities.