April 21, 2024

The much anticipated 10 nation esports competition, Gamr X, is set to kick off tomorrow April 2 at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

Gamr X is organised by esports platform Gamr and is set to bring together some of the best gamers from ten African countries including Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ivory Coast alongside hosts Nigeria to compete in five game titles for a prize pool of $15,000.


Speaking exclusively to EAN about the trials faced by Gamr while organising the competition was the company’s Data and Marketing Lead, Ade Jinadu who stated;

“I would say as part of the team it’s been very revealing. For us, there was a particular drive to aggregate as many gamers on the continent as possible and we are constantly thinking of what would be the best way to supercharge that act.”

The Data and Marketing Head also spoke about the goal of the competition stating that Gamr is looking to bring more attention to the Western and Central African regions while developing an ecosystem to drive further development on the African continent.

Gamr Data and Marketing Lead, Ade Jinadu (left) speaking to EAN Editor-in-Chief, Jeffter Kobby Donkoh (right)

“It seemed like because of the way the servers which are currently on our continent are placed Egypt and South Africa for the most part are well versed on the esports field when you look at it there are a lot more competitions, a lot more prize money, a lot more competitive teams from those regions of Africa.”

“So for us, it’s like what can we do to bring more attention to West and Central Africa. So it was like okay we need to launch a tournament that features a lot more countries in the Western and Central African region but brings in countries from Northern Africa and Southern Africa also.”

“Creating a sort of ecosystem that will create an environment to drive competitive gaming in the rest of the region in Western and Central Africa.” Ade concluded

Gamr X kicks off tomorrow 2nd April 2022 at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can find Ade Jinadu full interview with EAN below;