February 29, 2024

GFA eTrophy Championship 2023: A Chance for Redemption and Glory


The stage is set, and the anticipation is building as the second edition of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) eTrophy Championship draws near. After a lacklustre performance at the FIFAe Nations Series Middle East & Africa (MENA) Online Qualifiers, Ghana’s FIFA community is looking to redeem itself and seize the opportunity for glory in the upcoming championship.

A year ago, the inaugural GFA eTrophy Championship took place in May 2022 at the prestigious Alisa Hotel. It served as the platform to identify the finest eFootball talents, handpicking the cream of the crop to form the formidable FUT national team known as the Black Asteroids.

Aspiring gamers eager to make a name for themselves will have their chance during the qualifier stages, scheduled to kick off on August 12 and 19, 2023. The qualifiers will serve as a battleground, separating the amateurs from the elite and determining who will have the honour of representing Ghana on the grand stage.

Registration is now open for all interested participants. To secure a spot in the competition, gamers can visit https://egtks.com/e/39159 and follow the registration instructions.

This year, the GFA eTrophy Championship will take a fresh approach to enhance the quality of gameplay and ensure stronger representation at the global level. Learning from Ghana’s struggles in the FIFAe Nations Series MENA Online Qualifiers, where they finished at the bottom of Group A with just one point out of a possible 30, the organisers have decided to adopt the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode in FIFA 23.

The shift from the traditional Kick-Off mode to FIFA Ultimate Team will allow players to build cohesive squads with good chemistry, mirroring the format of the FIFAe Nations Series. This strategic move aims to make it easier to select the best-performing players who can seamlessly blend their skills to form a formidable FUT national team.

The GFA eTrophy Championship 2023 will see an exciting transition from 1v1 matches to 2v2 showdowns. This new format will not only intensify the competition but also test the players’ teamwork and communication abilities. As a result, the championship will not solely rely on individual brilliance but also on the synergy between players, making it a more captivating and unpredictable spectacle for both participants and spectators alike.

The date and location for the main event of the 2023 GFA eTrophy Championship will be communicated in due course. As the country gears up for this electrifying event, all eyes will be on the rising stars of Ghana’s FUT community, hoping they can demonstrate their skill, tenacity, and passion for the game.

With the opportunity for redemption after last year’s disappointment and the chance to represent their nation on the global stage, the stakes have never been higher. Ghana’s FUT enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the commencement of the championship, eager to witness their heroes rise and shine as they battle for glory, national pride, and a chance to etch their names in FUT history.