June 22, 2024

Gitex Africa: North Star scales African imagination converging 400-plus start-ups

GITEX Africa 2023 has also partnered with North Star, the world’s largest start-up event, to deliver North Star Africa, converging more than 400 start-ups – including 100 Moroccan start-ups – from across the globe to extend engagements, build connections, and scale imaginations in an African tech ecosystem where investment reached US$6.5 billion in 2022.

Saudi-headquartered food tech company NOMU Group is among those looking to foster prosperous partnerships in Africa.  “Africa’s start-up ecosystem has matured significantly with banks and governments creating mechanisms that support the start-up community,” said Shehab Mokhtar CEO & Co-Founder at Nomu Group, which operates the Jumlaty and Appetito e-grocery and food-tech start-ups in Saudi, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

“The African continent is emerging as a hotbed for foreign investment, due to the rise of mobile penetration, better internet infrastructure and a growing fintech start-up ecosystem.  At GITEX Africa, Nomu Group looks forward to connecting with tech innovators, start-ups, investors and global innovation hubs, while at the same time collaborating, and exploring new ventures in the world’s rising tech continent.”

More information is available at www.gitexafrica.com