April 25, 2024

Global Esports Federation and Panam Sports Kick-off Preparations for the First-ever Pan American Esports Championships

GEF visits Santiago in first detailed Technical Visit


Singapore,November 11, 2022– The Global Esports Federation gathered in Santiago, Chile, for the firstTechnical Visit ahead of the Pan American Esports Championships (#PEC23). The Championships will be staged for the first time inOctober 2023, in parallel with the 19th edition of the Pan American Games.

With one year to go, the preparations for the Pan American Esports Championships commence as theGEFamily met in Santiago, Chile. Hosted by Neven Ilic, President of Panam Sports, the GEF team met with key stakeholders and partners who will co-create this innovative addition to Panam Sports’ events.“The Pan American Esports Championships will be a true celebration of Esports in theAmericas and will showcase our inspiring athletes on this world stage. It’s great to be back in Santiago with our joint teams as we start to shape this Marquee event,” saidPaul J. Foster, CEO of the Global Esports Federation.

The Technical Visit is a critical milestone to kick-start the first Esports Championships in the Americas that will be held alongside the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. Together with Panam Sports, the GlobalEsports Federation toured various venues, met with potential delivery partners, and engaged in preliminary discussions regarding the detailed program of activities that will shape #PEC23.In advance of its upcoming Worldwide Launch–together with Dr Melita N. Moore and BrazilianConfederation of Games and Esports President,Paulo Roberto Ribas, Chair and Vice Chair of the #PEC23Coordination Commission, respectively–the team presented the vision and plans for the Global EsportsAcademy to the President of Panam Sports.“Education is a real key. We are trying to offer similar opportunities to our members. We have already launched our Panam Sports Academy which offers educational opportunities for coaches and sport leaders, so introducing esports would be a logical next step. As we think about innovation in the digital world, we continue to give the NOC’s opportunities to have more knowledge in administration and how to organize games. We have to give more opportunities to the athletes;I think that will be a great success. What theGlobal Esports Federation is doing is a great idea–and another opportunity for collaboration,” said Neven Ilic, President of Panam Sports.Athletes from 41 nations across the Americas will have the chance to compete at next year’s Pan AmericanEsports Championships. In true GEF style, the Championships will feature the GEFestival–a celebratory showcase of the diverse, inclusive esports culture—and the flagship GEFcon that convenes global thought leaders, stakeholders, technology leaders, and idea creators from esports and adjacent industries to share ideas and opportunities for the future of esports.


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