April 25, 2024

Global Esports Federation Announces Titles for Global Esports Games 2023 in Riyadh

Esports Federation

The highly anticipated Global Esports Games 2023 (GEG23) is set to take place from December 11 to 16, and the Global Esports Federation (GEF) has recently unveiled the titles that will be featured in this grand event. Aspiring esports athletes from around the world will have the opportunity to compete in a range of popular games at this spectacular tournament, which will be held in the vibrant city of Riyadh.

In a bid to promote inclusivity and diversity in esports, the GEF has organised regional qualifiers that will be conducted online. Through these qualifiers, National Teams, selected by member National Federations, will have the chance to secure their spot in the prestigious Championships in Riyadh. With the esports community eagerly awaiting this major event, the announcement of the qualifying teams and individuals per title has stirred up excitement and anticipation.

The Global Esports Games 2023 will feature four main titles, showcasing a diverse mix of competitive gaming genres. The popular multiplayer online battle arena game, DOTA 2, will see a total of 16 teams competing for glory, with eight slots allocated to open teams and another eight exclusively reserved for women’s teams. This move aims to promote gender equality and encourage female participation in esports.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBGM) enthusiasts will also have the chance to prove their skills on a global stage, as 16 teams battle it out in intense combat to secure the championship title. PUBGM has enjoyed immense popularity worldwide, and the inclusion of this title in the Global Esports Games 2023 promises thrilling gameplay and fierce competition.

Additionally, the GEF has selected two other titles to round out the event’s lineup. eFootball 2023 will captivate fans of the sport, offering an immersive esports experience with its realistic gameplay and strategic depth. Meanwhile, fans of fighting games can look forward to the intense battles of Street Fighter 6, where skilled players will showcase their lightning-fast reflexes and tactical prowess.

To ensure fair competition, there are certain eligibility requirements for participants. Prospective esports athletes must be at least 18 years old to participate. Moreover, all Member Federations and athletes are expected to adhere to the core values upheld by the Global Esports Federation. Athletes must also maintain good standing with the relevant game publisher, free from any suspensions, bans, or pending issues.

Esports Federation

With the Global Esports Games 2023 fast approaching, players and fans alike are eagerly preparing for the thrilling battles that await in Riyadh. This event not only celebrates the global esports community but also highlights the growing recognition and support for esports as a legitimate and mainstream form of competition. As the anticipation builds, all eyes will be on the talented teams and individuals who will make their mark on the esports landscape in this extraordinary tournament.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Global Esports Games 2023, as the world’s finest esports athletes gather in Riyadh to showcase their skills and compete for esports glory.