February 28, 2024

Zaid April has had a string of big successes in recent months. He won R10,000 as the winner of his first LAN event, the Toyota Gaming Engine’s FIFA Thumbderdome.

He also competed in the Incredible Connection All-Star Gaming FIFA 22 Tournament late last year and finished second in an FGS qualifier, his first time competing in a global FIFA tournament.

Goliath Gaming, South Africa‘s premier FIFA team, took note of this burgeoning esports talent and quickly added Zaid April to their growing lineup of threatening FIFA players.

“I consider my Incredible Connection All-Star Gaming Tournament performance to be an important achievement. It improved my confidence and instilled the notion that I was good enough to compete professionally,” said Zaid April

Zaid is now focusing on reaching ambitious targets in the current FIFA season, including winning some of the bigger local competitions as well as establishing his presence on the international stage.