July 14, 2024

Leading South African gaming organisation, Goliath Gaming, has kicked for goal with their latest signing: Busisiwe “Busi96” Masango-Steenkamp.

Busisiwe “Busi96” Masango-Steenkamp is a 26-year-old football fanatic who first caught the attention of Goliath FIFA players Thabo “YvngSavage” Moloi and Julio “Beast” Bianchi during the FIFA Play Like A Girl initiative which Goliath Gaming co-hosted.

Beast had a chance to play Siiwe in a friendly Queen of the Hill competition after she was the last queen standing. While Beast won the match he was instantly impressed with Siiwe’s gameplay and ability to read her opponent.

The first African player to qualify for the FIFAe World Cup was quick to praise Siiwe’s play style and said he believed she had the ability to take on some of South Africa’s top competitors.

Siiwe, at the time, had not considered competitive FIFA play a possibility, saying Play FIFA Like A Girl was the catalyst which made her realise she wanted to actively pursue competitive play and compete at the highest level in 2022.

Busisiwe “Busi96” Masango-Steenkamp

The FIFA Player is an avid football fan, creating content around women’s football in Africa. She founded Bring the Ball, which focuses on uplifting women in soccer. Siiwe says she wants to grow into the competitive FIFA space as well:

“At Bring the Ball we try, by all means, to inform young ladies about soccer trials taking place in their areas and I also verify them as well, for the girls’ safety.”

“We create Team Logos for the respective teams when requested, for free. We also want to give back to those who are struggling. My main aim this year is to help players and teams in need of soccer training equipment, soccer boots and kits.

“Most of the less fortunate ladies struggle with getting sanitary items and as a result, they can’t go to school or attend practice. I’d like to help there too.” she further stated

When it comes to her FIFA career, Siiwe has set some high goals:

“Before Goliath Gaming approached me I wasn’t competing competitively. I would say I moved up a level on FIFA by challenging myself more. I played more matches online with other players rather than playing against the AI.”

“Now, I have a six-month goal to play at a competitive level and not lose by a high score. I want to learn to play the game even better. I’m a self-taught player and there is a gap between myself and some of my competitors online. I plan to get rid of the gap!”

Goliath Gaming Manager Gabbi Brondani Rego, says signing the new talent was a no-brainer:

“Goliath Gaming is always keeping an eye on the various titles in South Africa and globally, and is always looking out for opportunities to get involved in positively contributing toward the local industry’s growth.”

“It is also no secret that we are very active and proactive on the FIFA front. That all said, for a long time we’ve noticed that representation within the local gaming and esports space has needed some work – and is something we have been trying our best to address wherever and however we can.”

“At the first Girl Gamer FIFA workshop, we hosted with Sam Wright in 2022 we engaged with avid girl gamers and aspiring girl gamers (who had never touched a console in their life) to understand their challenges, hopes and dreams, and witnessed first-hand some of the challenges they mentioned to us.

“This was the tipping point for us. It’s all good and well having the intention to ensure representation and make changes in the industry, but it’s a whole other thing to actually put your money where your mouth is.”

“Siiwe is someone we spotted as having great potential (with both Julio and Thabo highlighting the fact that she has immense potential at this workshop, and with the right support, could smash the ceiling on the FIFA front!) and is also someone we observed would be a good fit for the GG fam due to her passion and drive (not only within a gaming context, but with her own personal projects and ambitions), and her confidence to want to tackle challenges head-on. We’re really excited for the journey ahead.”

Source: Red Bull