July 16, 2024
HIGH school

The Esports Africa News‘ (EAN) High School Esports Tour kicked off on Monday, May 2 at the St. Martin’s Senior High School (SHS).

The Highschool tour is part of an initiative by the media organisation to create awareness for esports by introducing the emerging sports to the various Senior High Schools in the West African nation.

The EAN team was welcomed to the school by its Head Master Rev. Fr. Benjamin Ohene who stated his desire to use the emerging sport as a means to both entertain and educate his students.

“We will be very privileged to have you introduce it to our school community as a stepping stone to all other Senior High Schools. I think it’d be very entertaining, fun making and take away the boredom.”

“You know these days in schools too many ‘wahala’, violence, students are running to town, fighting, this and that. I think if it [esports] comes to stay we should have a good way of entertaining ourselves.”

Rev. Fr. Ohene attributed the school’s interest in esports to one of his students Isaac Oppong who pushed him to introduce the sport to the school.

“Esports in this school, I will attribute it to one of my students, Isaac Oppong, who is in his second year now who once came to me that Head Master may I have a word with you and I allowed him to have a word with me and he mentioned about esports.”

“He realised that entertainment is limited or has become limited due to the COVID-19 so by the time they were admitted all restrictions, no entertainment, no social gatherings so schools could be a bit boring but he said he is going to introduce me if I would like it to esports, which he himself is quite well versed in.”

“I paid attention to it and I am developing some interest for it and [I] asked the teacher in charge of student affairs if he has heard about it and he said in a little survey some students claim they’ve heard about it and they know about it but [the] majority do not know,” the Head Master further stated

You can watch the full interview with Rev. Fr. Benjamin Ohene below;