July 21, 2024

After weeks of competition, we finally have our Kon10dr Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Super League – Tier 1 champ as House of Annubis (HoA) secured the crown winning 16 of the 18 games played.

The Kon10dr CODM Super League brought together some of the best CODM gamers on the African continent to do battle and took place from April 30 to June 28.

This year’s edition of the Super League saw three divisions battle it out for a prize pool of ₦1,000,000 ($2,408).

HoA secured 48 points on their way to the Kon10dr CODM Super League – Tier 1 crown 6 more than Zero Remorse, Hydra and NATO who finished the competition with 42 points.

However, Zero Remorse claimed the second-place spot due to their higher mode win percentage of 75.61%, Hydra would finish third with a mode win percentage of 74.36%.


Tier 2 of the Kon10dr CODM Super League saw Anarchy XIV take home the gold beating Aegeus Gaming by 3 points to be crowned champs.

In what was an intensely competed tier, Anarchy XIV secured 42 points to take home the first-place prize. Second place went to Aegeus Gaming with 39 points while Merciless Merc would have to settle for third place with their 35 points.


Imperial Force would take home the Tier 3 Kon10dr CODM Super League crown securing 47 points in a closely fought group. Peaky Blinders would place second in the tier with their 45 points and third place would go to Marauders Prime who secured 36 points after 18 games.

The Super League which is supported by Trovo was initially set to take place on April 27 under The Republic of Gamers (ROG) banner however following Kon10dr’s acquisition of the ROG the competition had to be delayed to the 30th.