February 29, 2024

iGaming Afrika’s Webinar to Unveil Exciting Possibilities


In recent years, esports has taken the global entertainment industry by storm, attracting millions of passionate gamers and avid spectators alike. As the esports phenomenon continues to captivate audiences worldwide, its impact on the African continent is becoming increasingly evident. To shed light on the emerging potential of esports in Africa’s iGaming industry, iGaming Afrika, a prominent media platform focused on betting in Africa, is organising an exclusive webinar on August 4 at 12 PM EAT/10:00 AM WAT/11 AM CET.

This highly anticipated webinar, sponsored by Pragmatic Play, one of the leading game developers in the iGaming industry, promises to be a pivotal event, bringing together some of the biggest names in the African esports space. The distinguished panel of speakers includes Ronny Lusigi, Founder and CEO of IndexG Esports, Joe Andrews, Head of Sales, Africa, Sports Information Services (SIS) Ltd., and the recently announced Max Sevostianov, Chief Operating Officer of BetBazar.

The webinar aims to provide valuable insights into the rapidly evolving esports landscape in Africa. From the continent’s growing gaming community to the rise of competitive gaming leagues, this event will explore the various facets of esports and their potential impact on the iGaming sector.

Ronny Lusigi, a visionary esports entrepreneur, is expected to share his expertise on nurturing the esports ecosystem in Africa. As the CEO of IndexG Esports, a prominent organisation empowering esports talents across the continent, Lusigi brings extensive experience to the table. Attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by esports enthusiasts in Africa.

Representing Sports Information Services (SIS) Ltd., Joe Andrews will provide his perspective on the integration of esports into the iGaming realm. With his extensive knowledge of the African market, Andrews is poised to shed light on the potential synergies between esports and traditional sports betting, an area of growing interest in the industry.

Max Sevostianov, the COO of BetBazar, will offer valuable industry insights from the perspective of a key player in the iGaming market. As esports continues to surge in popularity, Sevostianov is expected to discuss the strategic importance of this emerging sport and its potential impact on the betting landscape in Africa.

Commenting on the upcoming webinar, the team at iGaming Afrika expressed their excitement about the event. “Esports games are starting to become more popular in Africa, despite not being very new in the gaming world. A growing number of esports players are emerging, and competitions are being held all throughout the African continent. Additionally, gambling brands have not fallen behind; most of them are already giving their followers the chance to wager on esports tournaments via their platforms,” said iGaming Afrika. “In this webinar, we’ll examine the esports industry’s future potential as well as the driving forces behind its potential for rapid expansion, as well as the opportunities and hurdles that may prevent the sport’s full potential from being fulfilled.”

The event will be broadcast live on the iGaming Afrika LinkedIn page and YouTube channel, ensuring that participants from all corners of the continent can join in. The interactive nature of the webinar will allow attendees to engage with the panellists directly and have their questions addressed.

To be a part of this groundbreaking discussion, interested participants can register to attend via the provided link here.

As esports continues to gain momentum globally, it is essential to explore its unique impact on the African iGaming industry. iGaming Afrika’s esports webinar promises to be an informative and insightful event that will shape the narrative surrounding esports in Africa. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, industry professional, or simply curious about the future of entertainment, mark your calendars for August 4 and join the discussion on the potential of esports in Africa. Together, let’s unlock the immense possibilities that lie ahead in this exciting and dynamic realm of iGaming.