July 24, 2024

The African Esports Federation under the auspices of the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) delivered the inaugural Esports discipline at the just ended 13th Africa Games held at Accra, Ghana.  

Though esports were slated to be one of the demonstration events, the Ghana Esports Federation (GesF) liaised with Authorities to provide athletes to ensure Ghana was represented at the prestigious tournament.

The featured genres of the event were eFootball and FC 24. ‘Labista’ of GL legends team based in Accra represented Ghana under the FC 24 genre and Abubakar Abdulganew “Medicine” of Tema Esports Club represented Ghana under the Efootball genre.

Both athletes made it to the final of each genre where Ghana faced Togo under the FC24 genre and Ghana battled with Egypt under the Efootball genre. Togo and Egypt came away with gold medals each.

Following the event and speaking exclusively to Esports Africa News, ‘Medicine’ relished the opportunity to represent Ghana again in a major event. He made comparisons with other major African and international events he has attended; he acknowledged this was the first in Ghana and with the African games and appreciated lessons will be learnt by the organisations involved and others.

Both Labista and Medicine have featured in the Orange Experience event which happened in Ivory Coast in January 2024. The increased opportunities available to athletes to participate in prestigious in-county, Africa-wide and international tournaments help build their confidence, creates the mindset of being able to conquer the word irrespective of their background or how they go involved in esports.

The Ghana Esports Federation, who have received the national recognition for managing the operation of esports in Ghana is said to be having the official launch of the event on Friday 5th April at the Madagastar Esports Arena, West Hill Mall, Weija.