February 29, 2024

Independence Day FIFA22 Cup and FIFA vs PES Independence Battle champion Prince Jonas has credited his team PlayProvince for his recent improvement.

The esports athlete who was speaking exclusively to EAN after his recent tournament victories stated that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve his success without his team.

“It has helped a lot because at PlayProvince they give you everything. Even though we are not there yet and are left with things like gaming chairs, everything thing is available from the internet to consoles that will help you play online and improve you.

“When it comes to tournaments, we have a few experienced players at PlayProvince who can help us with the tournament. So when it comes to tournaments right now we have a strategy, this is one [of the] main reasons why the current tournaments we are winning.”

Prince won back-to-back victories at the FIFA vs PES Independence Battle held on March 6 and the Independence Day FIFA22 Cup only a day later on March 7 and he spoke about his improvement under PlayProvince during the competitions.

“In this semi-final, I scored two and the guy equalised, the second leg was tough, if it was before I joined PlayProvince I would have lost that match but I psyched myself changed one or two things then I put my head in the game, and I just focused on winning,”

PlayProvince is an esports brand with a team managed by Herbert Henry Krakue who discovered the emerging star following the 2021 MTN Conquest signing him in September 2021 “We played the MTN Conquest that was last year and I qualified but my bro[ther] played the qualifiers at Herbert’s hub so during that time he saw my bro[ther] was good but he didn’t see my play so he took our contacts that he will be hosting a tournament that we should come through.” Prince Jonas said

“So during that tournament was when he saw that I was good. I was in the finals and I placed second beaten by Kaalu who was really on form at that time. So that was when he saw that I was that good so he decided to sign me and improve me.”

The Independence Day champ further also praised his team’s diversity revealing that PlayProvince has top players in almost every competitive game out there “With PlayProvince, we have Apex team, Call of Duty team and these people are top-level like how the FIFA players are also top-level.”

“With me, I play Call of Duty but my level isn’t up there compared to the Call of Duty players in PlayProvince but I think with PlayProvince we have very good players from FIFA to Apex to NBA to Call of Duty and even Call of Duty: Mobile we have very good players.”

You can catch Prince Jonas’ full interview with EAN below: